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Early Intervention Program

At HOPE , through our preschool Early Intervention Program (EIP), children learn by playing with their peers and with small group activities. We plan group activities that encourage the children to interact .  

At the beginner level, children will learn to strengthen their play skills, social interactions, promoting independence, practicing adaptive skills, and increasing communication.  At the elementary school level, activities offer the chance to practice how to attend and participate with age-appropriate lessons and learn from others through board games, dramatic play and conversations volleys.

These are some group skills that covered in our EIP :

  • Attending and Joint Attention

  • Sitting with Peers

  • Following Instructions (taking turns , waiting etc)

  • Pre-Academics (literacy, numeracy etc)

  • Music Time 

  • Communication

  • Outdoor Sports (gross motor activities)

  • Sensory Play

  • Arts and Crafts

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